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Chen Ajiang

  Name: Chen Ajiang

  Discipline: Sociology

  Institution: Hohai University Department of Sociology

  Research Interests: Environmental sociology, Rural development, Project social assessment

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Ajiang Chen is the dean of the Department of Sociology at Hohai University, Nanjing, and the Chairman of the Committee of Environmental Sociology in Chinese Sociology Association. He obtained his PhD degree in sociology in 1997 from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. His research interests include environmental sociology and rural development. His publications include: Domestic Waste Management in Urban China: Challenges and Solutions (2016), The Investigation on “Cancer Villages” (2013), The Secondary Anxiety: A Sociological Study on the Water Pollution in Tai Lake (2010) and Institutional Innovation and Area Development (2000). He actively participates in FORHEAD projects and has been awarded several small grants for his research. He is a member of several FORHEAD Working Groups.


Working Groups:

FORHEAD Working Group on Ethics in Research Collaboration

Henan Shenqiu County Working Group

Balancing Development, Environment and Health:  Shenqiu County, Henan

Small Grants:

An Exploration of Five "Cancer Villages" (Small Grants, 2010)


Study on "Cancer Villages" (published in 2013, by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Publishing; in Chinese)


"Cancer Villages": An Interdisciplinary Exploration (available in Chinese)