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Yang Lichao

   Name: Yang Lichao

   Discipline: Development studies, Social policy

   Institution: School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University

   Research Interests: Gender and development, Environmental health

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Yang Lichao obtained her Bachelor of Administration degree from Transportation University of Dalian in Liaoning, China, in 2001, majoring in Financial Management. She did her Master's studies in Sustainable Resource Management at the Technical University of Munich in Germany, obtaining her MSc in 2005. She did her doctoral studies in Canberra, Australia, receiving her PhD in Development Studies from Australian National University in 2012. She was a Post-Doctoral Researcher in Social Policy at University of Oxford's Department of Social Policy and Intervention in 2017. She currently teaches at School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University.

Her publications include:

  1. Yang, Lichao. 2016. At the bottom of the heap: Socio-economic circumstances and health practices and beliefs among garbage collectors in peri-urban China,Critical Asian Studies.SSCI.
  2. Yang, Lichao. 2013. Gender, participation and development interventions in rural China. Lap Lambert Academic Publishing. Germany.
  3. Yang, Lichao. 2012. Empowered or Disempowered? Women’s Participation in a Development Project in Rural China.Asian Journal of Women’s Studies(18)3: 38-67. SSCI.
  4. Yang, Lichao. 2010. Myths and Realities: Gender and Participation in a Donor-aided Project in Northern China”, in Jacka and Sally (eds)Women, Gender and Development in Rural China, Edward Elgar.
  5. 杨力超、郭培源. 全球化背景下的企业社会责任. 中国经济出版社,2015(10).编著.
  6. 陈键、田梦、杨力超. 大学生创业团队特征与创业结果研究. 青年探索,2017(1).
  7. 张强、路奇斌、胡亚萌、郭虹、杨力超.中国政社合作的“发展型协同共治”模式—基于云南省境外非政府组织管理的探讨.北京航空航天大学学报(社会科学版),2015,28(3):16-22.

Completed Research Projects

Title of project:Poverty and Shame: from Policy to Interventions

    Role: Primary Investigator

    Funding Agency: ESRC/DFID, UK

    Period: 2015-2018

Title of project: Transformative Pathways in Sustainable Development

    Role: Primary Investigator

    Funding Agency: ESRC, UK

    Period: 2014-2018

Title of project:Social Implications of Environmental Policy Implementation in Hebei

    Role:Primary Investigator

    Funding Agency: Oxford University, UK

    Period: 2017

Title of project:Environmental Health in Dabaoshan Mining Area of Guangdong Province

    Role: Primary Investigator

    Funding Agency: BNU, China

    Period: 2014-2015

Title of project:Environmental Health: A Qualitative Study in Guangdong

    Role: Primary Investigator

    Funding Agency: SSRC, US

    Period: 2014

Title of project: Poverty and Shame: Perspectives and Practices Concerning Anti-Poverty Measures in a Global Context

    Role: Primary Investigator

    Funding Agency: VAM, Norway

    Period: 2013-2015

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