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Zhang Lei

   Name: Zhang Lei

   Discipline: Environmental management

   Institution: School of Environment and Natural Resources, Renmin University of China

   Research Interests: Ecological modernization of rural industries in China, Environmental risk management, Food safety

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Dr. Lei Zhang obtained her master and doctoral degrees in environmental management from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and since 2002 she continued to work as teacher and researcher at Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University. She joined the School of Environment and Natural Resources at Renmin University of China as associate professor in 2009. As an environmental sociologist, her researches cover topics ranging from ecological modernization of rural industries in China, environmental risk management, governmental environmental auditing, governance of environmental flows, environmental information disclosure, sustainable consumption, to food safety, etc. She teaches courses on environmental policy analysis and evaluation, environmental politics of superpowers and research methods in environmental science.Since 2014, she serves as the contact person for SCORAI China ( She was a visiting scholar from August 2014 to February 2015 at Goldman School of Public Policy at University of California Berkeley.

Her recent publications include: 

2016 Zhang, L., Arthur P.J. Mol, GuizhenHe. Transparency and information disclosure in China’s environmental governance. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 2016, 18, 17-24.

2015: Zhang, L., Y.N. Xu, P. Oosterveer, A.P.J. Mol, Consumer trust in different food provisioning schemes: evidence from Beijing, ChinaJournal of Cleaner Production, 20-OCT-2015 DOI information: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2015.09.078

2015: Guizhen He, Arthur P.J. Mol, Lei Zhang, Yonglong Lu.  Environmental risks of high-speed railway in China: Public participation, perception and trust.Environmental Development, 2015, 14: 37-52.

2015:Zhu, X. Lei Zhang, Ran Ran, Arthur P.J. Mol, Regional restrictions on environmental impact assessment approval in China: the legitimacy of environmental authoritarianism, Journal of Cleaner Production 92 (2015) 100-108

2015: Zhang L., A.P.J. Mol, G.Z. He, China's new Environmental Protection Law: a game changer? Environmental Development, Environmental Development 13 (2015) 1–3

2013: Guizhen He, Lei Zhang, Arthur P.J. Mol, Yonglong Lu, Jianguo Liu, Revising China's Environmental Protection Law, Science, Vol. 341, July 12, 2013, p. 133.

2013: Lei Zhang, Guizhen He, Arthur P.J. Mol, Xiao Zhu, Power politics in revising China’s Environmental Protection Law, Environmental Politics, V. 22, No.6, 2013 , p. 1029-1035,