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Cheng Pengli

  Name: Cheng Pengli

  Discipline: Environmental Governance

  Institution: Chongqing University of Science and Technology

  Research Interests: Environmental governance, NGO management

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Dr. Cheng was born in 1977. He has been an associate professor at School of Law, Politics, Trade and Economy, Chongqing University of Science and Technology since 2013. His main research interests are environmental governance and NGO management. He holds a double doctorate degree from Hohai University and Washington State University. He has around 20 academic publications, including two monographs and several teaching research papers, and he is involved in research at local, provincial and national level. Among other appointments, he is also a Special Committee Member for Environmental Sociology at the Chinese Sociological Association and member of the China Association for Social Work Education.


Working Groups

Working Group for Curriculum Development for Environment, Health and Development: Environment and Society Curriculum Development 

Small Grants:

Industrial transfer and Pollution Transfer

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