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  • Air Pollution in China: An Interdisciplinary Perspe…2018-11-15


    FORHEAD has published the "Air Pollution in China: An Interdisciplinary Perspective" Report.

  • Food Safety in China: A Mapping of Problems, Govern…2014-04-02


    Food safety has become an issue of great concern in China over the last few years. Media reporting has tended to focus on extreme cases of poisoning from food additives or contamination by heavy metals, but food safety encompasses a wide range of problems

  • Environment and Health Research in China: The State…2013-06-07


    In the context of this symposium, this article reviews social science research in the emerging field of environment and health in China, with a particular focus on the impacts of pollution. It begins with a discussion of the particular nature of China’s e

  • Journal of Contemporary China2013-03-06


    Journal of Contemporary China Issue 19, Volume 63

  • Working Group on Guangdong Platform on Earth Enviro…2014-08-11


    Since 2012, FORHEAD has been supporting the development of the Guangdong Platform on Earth Environment, Health and Development. Because environmental impacts on health vary regionally and by level and type of development, solutions must often be developed

  • Working Group on FORHEAD Faculty and Curriculum Dev…2014-08-11


    The FORHEAD Faculty and Curriculum Development Project was launched in 2011 with the goal of strengthening education and training on the links between environment, health and development in institutions of higher education in China. It is widely acknowled