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  • FORHEAD moves to IIAS2020-01-14

    Abstract:Starting on January 1 FORHEAD has moved its international base to the International Institute of Asian Studies (IIAS) of the University of Leiden, where FORHEAD co-Director, Jennifer Holdaway is now affiliated.

  • Duke-Kunshan spearheads new FORHEAD initiatives2020-01-14

    Abstract:We welcome Duke-Kunshan Universitys Environmental Research Center as a new core partner of FORHEAD. Associate Director Kathinka Furst will lead a portfolio of work including an international summer school, curriculum development and public education.

  • Update on Anna Lora Wainwrights Plagiarism and Ethi…2019-10-26

    Abstract:Now Oxford University has acknowledged that it conducted an investigation into Anna Lora Wainwright and found her guilty of serious misconduct we think it is appropriate to make the full Complaint public

  • Internationalizing FORHEAD2020-01-14

    Abstract:Internationalizing FORHEAD

  • Promoting healthy and sustainable research colla​b…2020-01-14

    Abstract:Promoting healthy and sustainable research colla​boration

  • Follow up on the Lora Wainwright plagiarism an​d m…2020-01-14

    Abstract:Follow up on the Lora Wainwright plagiarism and misconduct case. We will continue to hold Anna Lora Wainwright accountable for herethical misconduct and document the response of the institutions involved.After media articles (here and here) revealedthat

  • Intellectual Property Violations and Research Misco…2019-07-22

    Abstract:Intellectual Property Violations and Research Misconduct in Anna Lora Wainwrights Resigned Activism