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    Abstract:WATER MANAGEMENT AND GLOBAL CHALLENGES CONFERENCE Hotel Regent, Beijing, China October 16, 2012 We are pleased to announce New York Institute of Technology’s conference on Water Management and Global Challenges to be held at the Hotel Regent in Beijing

  • Environmental Health 2013: Science and Policy to Pr…2016-09-19

    Abstract:Environmental Health 2013: Science and Policy to Protect Future Generations3-6 March 2013, Boston, Massachusetts, USAEnvironmental Health 2013 – Science and Policy to Protect Future Generations will provide a forum for the discussion of most recent scient

  • Beijing issues first ever red alert on smog2015-12-09

    Abstract:Beijing on Tuesday declared its first ever red smog alert, forcing millions of cars off the roads and the closure of factories and construction sites as Chinas capital once again tries to deal with another bout of severe air pollution…Source: China Dialog

  • Global agriculture can boost resilience to climate …2015-12-03

    Abstract:Global agriculture production is a sector most seriously affected by climate change, increased climate variability is causing more severe floods and droughts, threatening livelihoods and food security. And yet agriculture is a big part of the problem resp

  • The logic behind Chinas centralisation of environme…2015-11-17

    Abstract:Last month‘s gathering of top Communist Party officials agreed that China should have ”the most stringent environment protection system” as the country aims for greener growth and have environmental consequences built into economic decisions… Source: C…

  • Near-record smog in NE China prompt calls for wider…2015-11-13

    Abstract:Winter has come, and for Chinas three north-eastern provinces, so has a blanket of smog. The region has leapfrogged the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area to become the most polluted in China during 2015. Levels of PM2.5 in Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning, hit

  • China court rules in favour of first public interes…2015-11-13

    Abstract:The first public interest case taken under Chinas new environmental law has ultimately proved successful, providing a model for similar action elsewhere, but getting cases heard in central and western China remains difficult…Source: China Dialogue, https: