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Special Issue of the Journal of Resources and Ecology

This special issue of the Journal of Resources and Ecology focuses on food safety in China, a problem that has been of great concern to the public in recent years and the object of several new laws and institutional reforms. This collection presents the work of researchers who have participated in the Food Safety Working Group of the Forum on Health, Environment and Development (FORHEAD) and in an ongoing collaboration between FORHEAD and the Center for Coordination and Innovation of Food Safety Governance at Renmin University of China.

FORHEAD is an interdisciplinary network that was established in 2008 to promote communication and collaboration among researchers from natural, medical and social sciences working on interactions between environment, health and development. The articles here build upon a previous FORHEAD report on Food Safety in China: A Mapping of Problems, Policies and Research (FORHEAD 2014).  

Read full articles click here  (Volume 9, Issue 1, January, 2018, Journal of Resources and Ecology).