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Special Issue of Pig in the Middle

FORHEAD successfully published five articles as a form of special issue, titled“Pig in the middle”, which draws on research by an interdisciplinary team of environmental, health and social scientists to examine the ways in which pig farming in China impacts the environment, human health and rural livelihoods.

It traces the evolution of pig farming in China.

It discusses concerns about the environmental and health impacts of pig farming and the policies that have been introduced to address them in recent years.

And,the research further emphasizes the ways in which regional variation in environmental conditions and economic structure creates different local challenges and needs for targeted policy approaches that balance environmental and livelihood concerns.

The interdisciplinary team members are:

Chen Chuanbo College of Agriculture and Rural Development, Renmin University of China

Fang Jing School of Public Health, Kunming Medical University

Jennifer Holdaway FORHEAD, International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS)

Jin Shuqin Rural economic research center of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas

Mao Kuoray Colorado State University, CSU

Su Shipeng School of Public Management of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

Wang Wuyi FORHEAD, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS

Yang Lichao School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University

For the details of research articles please find the links in below.

Pig in the Middle: Environment, Health and Development Dimensions of the Pork Sector in China

Jennifer Holdaway,Lichao Yang, Chuanbo Chen, Jing Fang, Shuqin Jin, Xiaowei Li, Shipeng Su, Wuyi Wang


Small Scale Pig Farming in Northern Shanxi: An Environment, Health and Development Perspective

Lichao Yang, Huanhuan Zhang


Peasants and Pork: The Changing Contribution of Pig Farming to Rural Livelihoods

Chuanbo Chen, Yuying Gong, Lichao Yang


Intensified Smallholder Pig Farming in Rural Yunnan: Implications for Livelihood, Culture, Gender, Health and Environment

Jing Fang


Top-Down Implementation and Fragmented Bureaucracy: An Analysis of the Livestock Waste Prevention Regulation in China

Shuqin Jin, Kuoray Mao, Dongmei Han, Yu Hu