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  • German state bank KfW targeted over Beijing waste-b…2012-11-01

    Abstract:German state bank KfWs assurances that environmental standards will be met have failed to calm nerves over Beijings latest waste incinerator……Source:…

  • Gloomy outlook for Chinas black soil2012-09-25

    Abstract:With the rapid industrialization, contaminant of various kinds has continuously damaged the agricultural soil in China...Source:,

  • Clearing the air on measuring pollution2012-09-25

    Abstract:Beijings Chegongzhuang Xilu was packed with pedestrians and cars on Monday morning, but few people even bothered to glance at the small white box set up by the roadside. However, from the telltale pumps jutting from the top, its instantly recognizable as

  • Fortune squandered without recycling2012-09-25

    Abstract:For most people, disposing of electronic waste is an afterthought, and used devices are often thrown into drawers and forgotten, sold at secondhand markets or dumped with other household trash……(Source, China Daily, http://www.china.

  • Jargon explosion holding back green agenda2012-09-25

    Abstract:A new study suggests fragmentation of language across the sustainability field is accelerating. Its already causing problems, argues John Elkington...Source: China Dialogue,

  • Official shrugs off public food "panic"2012-09-07

    Abstract:Wang Guowei heads up the policy and legislation department at the State Council Food Safety Commission. He spoke to Xu Nan and Zhou Wei about the nature of Chinas food safety problems and the on going policy response...Source: China Dialogue, http://www.c

  • Dirty truth about Chinas incinerators2012-07-12

    Abstract:Chinas "clean" trash-burning plants have a dark underside, writes Elizabeth Balkan. Stuffed with coal, many operate like fossil-fired power stations, only more laxly governed...Source: China Dialogue,