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  • Business tries to do what Rio did not2012-06-29

    Abstract:That corporations emerged from last weeks summit looking more far-sighted than governments signals the depth of frustration with the paralysed UN system, says Isabel Hilton……Source: China Dialogue,…

  • After Rio, a new consensus2012-06-29

    Abstract:The text agreed in Brazil may be a compromise, says Ma Jun, but it shows the world is a fairer place than 20 years ago. On the summit sidelines, the campaigner spoke to Xu Nan about global politics, supply chains and Chinas shifting role...Source: China D

  • 20 years of Chinas public voice2012-06-29

    Abstract:Since the last Rio summit, Chinas way of doing things has changed: citizens have become players in environmental governance. Chang Cheng reflects on a civil-society journey……Source: China Dialogue,…

  • "The worlds most important story"2012-06-11

    Abstract:Guardian environment reporter Jonathan Watts has spent nine years in China covering everything from pollution protests to species extinction. About to leave for pastures new, he shares some parting thoughts...Source: China Dialogue, http://www.chinadialog

  • A heavy-metal burden2012-06-11

    Abstract:Global efforts to cut mercury pollution pose particular challenges for China – responsible for a quarter of the world’s emissions. Tan Siying reports...Source: China Dialogue,

  • Greening the two sessions2012-06-11

    Abstract:As Beijing closes its yearly conference season, Chen Yuanyuan reports on new ways civil society is getting ideas across...Source: China Dialogue,

  • Seeing Chinas pollution from space2012-06-11

    Abstract:US scientists have used satellite data to assess a decades worth of PM 2.5 levels. Angel Hsu, one of the team, explains what they found....(Source: China Dialogue,