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  • Govt assurances on PX petchem plants vapourised aft…2015-04-29

    Abstract:Opposing the construction of PX petrochemical plants has been one of the most common forms of environmental activism for Chinas urban residents in the past decade…Source: China Dialogue,

  • Parched California ponders drastic measures to deal…2015-04-29

    Abstract:California has been forced to slash water use to alleviate lingering drought, but longer-term, drastic measures such as China-style transfer projects are being mooted…Source, Chinadialogue,

  • Articles "Under the Dome" may be a turnin…2015-04-29

    Abstract:Chai Jings wildly successful documentary means that for Chinese environmental policy, nothing will ever quite be the same again. One year ago, I was hired to lead an EU-funded project under China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection that promotes disclo

  • Critical theme: China pollution, social media and p…2015-04-29

    Abstract:Our March Critical Theme meeting looked at the environmental and political issues raised by the film "Under the Dome", which caused an internet sensation in China earlier this year. One of Chinas best known journalists, Chai Jing, released the d

  • Chinas environment ministry launches anti-graft ref…2015-04-29

    Abstract:Chinas new environment minister says reforms will aim at preventing officials from issuing permits to polluters based on corrupt environmental impact assessments…Source: China Dialogue,

  • Car-sharing revs up as Chinas cities battle congest…2015-04-29

    Abstract:As Chinas cities move to control traffic congestion, car-sharing may gain appeal with drivers, says Dennis Zuev. Car-sharing has been one of the most attention-grabbing trends in urban transport in recent years, as commercial car-sharing clubs like Autoli

  • Chemical plant fire identified as "safety acci…2015-04-08

    Abstract:A fire at a chemical plant in east Chinas Fujian province is being investigated as a "safety accident" and not an environmental one, a Ministry of Environment Protection official told the Beijing News… Source: China Daily, http://www.chinadaily.